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 tucker, mya jocelyn

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jocelyn tucker

Female Virgo Pig
število prispevkov : 532
cash : 956
street reputation : 286
tvoja starost : 23
starost lika : 32
group : wallace mafia member
kraj rojstva : albania

ObjavljaNaslov sporočila: tucker, mya jocelyn   Pet Mar 21, 2014 5:50 pm

// jocelyn mya tucker
// 32 years old
// albania, fier
// wallace mafia
// eliza dushku

“The story of Kartalozzi family has come to the end. From American embassy we got news that the only daughter of mafia tycoon Agim Kartallozi, who is ever since the year 2010 imprisoned in highly controlled prison, is dead. Judging from the last information Leonora Kartalozzi, successor of dad`s empire on Albanian floor, died in police raid in Brazil, where she moved at the age eighteen and started to corporate with local Brazilian mafia…”

Leonora turned the computer off, because she heard enough from live stream of Albanian news. Her death was a hot topic in whole Albania and her dad was the biggest enemy of whole country, but somehow she felt peaceful like never before in her life. Every bone in her body felt relieved of imaginary weight on her shoulders that she was carrying with all those years while living in hate and fear of the next day. She was at her worst position ever but she felt good. Leonora Kartalozzi was finally dead. She was finally dead and family enemies weren`t any more tracing her. They already killed her mother, they managed to kill her father in prison and with his death there was no more control and no more protection for her. Sooner or later they would find her hidden in Brazilian mafia and they would kill her with no regret. They wanted Kartalozzi family down to the last member because every child could be the successor of what Agim has built in all those years. And that was something that could endanger their authority.

Her hand automatically reached towards the phone. In the whole universe there was only one person she was still able to call. At least she hoped that he is not dead as well. The number of Oscar was well memorized because it was the only safe collection of numbers that could help her in anytime. But he had to think that she is dead too, while she had to hear him for the last time. With a fear and sadness she typed the number in and waited until on the other side she couldn`t hear the familiar voice. Luckily that meant he was alive. Oscar didn`t die in police raid. He sounded destroyed and angry and not himself at all. Of course it was logical that he was like that since he didn`t know it was her calling and that she was still alive, probably more than ever before. Dumb her to be surprised by his reaction. Leonora remained quiet till the moment his screaming ended with beep tone in the receiver. Not just that she killed Leonora Kartalozzi, the daughter of mafia tycoon, but she also killed Leonora Navarro, wife and mother-to-be. She wrapped her hands around the belly trying to feel the baby. She thought well what to do with a new person inside of her and with so many deaths she caused there was no room for another.

Leonora leaned back with a wish to rest for a while before she starts building a new life in America. There was no chance that she had in plan to stay in smelly motel for the rest of her life. Her eyes closed and she went back to the Brazil with her memory. Back to the time when she met him-Oscar Navarro, the love of her life. She was nineteen and already for a year in Brazilian mafia (just like her dad wanted, because he thought that they are going to be safe there) and he was two years older and also part of the same mafia. Even though they were criminals and they had that life written in their DNA they were happy and in love. Like Bonnie and Clyde, but he never liked her comparing them to the famous couple. For him it was all about Leonora and Oscar. After few years they got married and weeks after she found out that they are going to be parents. Then there is nothing more to picture. She only heard the shots in the background and woke up. Reality hits like always when dreams are taken too far.

The only difference between the saint and the sinner is that every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.

There was something Leonora was good at- lying. With a little lie soon enough she managed to get a help from the police with her new identity and quickly she was walking around Atlantic City like a Jocelyn Tucker. She worked on her English and destroying Albanian accent. She changed her look and with strong will she transformed completely so that the sinner in her got a future. Jocelyn joined an American mafia, since there was no chance that she could ever live far away from it. It was in her DNA and it was the only lifestyle she was informed with. Living in the danger, doing illegal stuff and beating people up - it felt like a drug for her. Also she found a safe place for her son, because she couldn`t get him a future as a mother, so she found a lovely home for Jude and made a deal with them that she is going to send a money for him every month and visit him as much as she can. However there was no room for him in her life completely. Her goal was to climb as far as she can on the mafia scale. Higher she was, stronger she was and one day, just one day she will have enough power to destroy the killers of her family but also to get her dad`s empire back and be Leonora Kartallozi once again.

thanks joanne!
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main admin

Female Aries Dragon
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ObjavljaNaslov sporočila: Re: tucker, mya jocelyn   Ned Mar 23, 2014 11:18 am


tvoj opis je sprejet! i love you playby choice. :3 anyway, najprej bi te prosila da izpolniš vse claim teme, potem pa si kar odpri plot page && uživaj v pisanju na forumu. poleg tvojega trenutnega stanja na računu pa ti bom dodala še dodatnih $100. have fun!

and we'll never be royals, royals,
it don't run in our blood.
that kind of luxe just ain't for us,
we crave a different kind of buzz.
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tucker, mya jocelyn

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