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 desrosiers, lucienne héloïse

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lucienne desrosiers

Female Virgo Tiger
število prispevkov : 5
cash : 1000
street reputation : 0
tvoja starost : 20
starost lika : 20
group : wallace crime family
kraj rojstva : paris, france

ObjavljaNaslov sporočila: desrosiers, lucienne héloïse   Ned Mar 23, 2014 7:16 pm

// lucienne héloïse desrosiers
// 20 years old
// paris, france
// the hacker/wallace crime family
// kerti pahk

once upon a time she was a happy girl. she lived in france, paris. the city of love. well, at least that's what her parents thought. eadweard desrosiers and mará huttunen met in their 20's. she was on a holiday and he was just getting a degree in law. her mother became a nurse. they got married after knowing each other for just little over a year. and when they were married for two years, lucia was born. she got her mother's almost-white hair and her father's green eyes. for the first ten years, her life was a bliss. she went to school, got all a's. it was easy for her. lucienne was a lot ahead of her schoolmates, but she didn't show it. instead, she played dumb. god knows why. she was a bit reserved, quiet and studious. she loved to read and play video games. you know, pokémon and legend of zelda and such. she learned how to play the violin and she did ballet. she wanted to become either a doctor, a scientist or a ballerina. she lived comfortably in an upper middle class family. she never had many friends. her parents taught her finnish and french, but she soon spoke english fluently. she was extremely tidy. she would throw a tantrum if the books or food wasn't in alphabetical order. she was diagnosed with ocd, but nothing too severe. 

her life changed when they moved to england. she was the new kid. the one with white hair and a weird accent. she constantly got picked on. she never got the courage to tell anyone. she just lived through it. at fifteen years of age, she was really small, really skinny and underdeveloped. she hated that. she hated her body, hated her genes. all she did was ballet, violin and school. her vision stil didn't change. but she was leaning towards science. that's when she got into computers. she did her research, found her main hobby. she started  spending more and more time behind the screen. at first, she played games. then she got into graphics and programming. soon, she was able to get into little protected accounts. at first she had it for getting resources from vip players. she didn't realise how much she could do. she was still antisocial and really weak. she would never hurt a person physically. she was and is, really indecisive and overthinking her every action. for some weird reason, she is average at maths(well, numbers are cool, but geometry...it's a whole different story), but is great with physics and computers. she never went to a normal teen thing like a party, a date, not even to prom. she sat at home and ate ice cream. they moved again, this time to atlantic city. nothing changed. she was still a freak. she miraculously got to do a speech at graduation, but she started stuttering and embarrassed herself. when it was time to decide for college, she took science and medicine. 

she had no time for herself after that decision. all her time was on school. she got up early, went to bed late. she almost suffered a body shutdown, but stopped just at the last second. her father broke some news to her. her mom was pregnant. with another man. the long proccess of a divorce began. she went on living with her father. lucienne despised her mother. how could one do that to their spouse, after so many years? she never got it. but it was true that she was a nineteen year old virgin, who hasn't even hugged a guy. lucienne was very vengeful. she did some things that she regrets now. she was soon, yet again,  swallowed by all the work. she didn't notice that her dad was almost never at home, nor that sometimes it was cold, or was there no water. she had internet and her computer. she actually had a little base set up. she was far beyond vip profiles and stealing stone or iron. she was in real world now. but she didn't see it as an illegal thing or anything harmful. she was so innocent. it was a bad thing, that she didn't realise the severity of her doing. 

it was never her choice to start working for the mafia. her dad got into a big debt at the casino. one day he got drunk and bragged about her. it caught the attention. at the same time, he couldn't pay his debt. it was a few millions and lucienne didn't know, so she couldn't help. one day she got home and saw her father being beaten by two men. she ran up to them and tried to break them apart. they didn't give in. even worse, they thought that she was in with her father on this. they started threatening her and asking her all sorts of questions, that she found silly. the problem with her is, that she tries to only see goodin people and she takes it too far. she would go into a car with strangers, because everyone is good on the inside. she never had a real childhood, and now she is too naive for her own good. 

the dark chapters in her life began after that. she had to work off her father's debt. she did it out of love and fear. she thought that once she pays off, she will be free. oh, how wrong she was. her thinking began to be more and more pessimistic, she tends to talk less. she is now completing college over internet, because she has no other choice. she's gained a lot of confidence, but she is starting to feel bad because of her crimes. she hates it. she hates hurting people, but she is scared of the mafia. she knows, that her fate is sealed and that she has no other choice. she never thought that it will turn out like this. 

thanks joanne!

Nazadnje urejal/a lucienne desrosiers Tor Mar 25, 2014 10:47 am; skupaj popravljeno 2 krat
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main admin

Female Aries Dragon
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ObjavljaNaslov sporočila: Re: desrosiers, lucienne héloïse   Tor Mar 25, 2014 5:09 pm


me veseli da smo dobili še en mlajši lik, da imamo večji razpon let. (: tvoj opis je sprejet - dobrodošla v ameriško mafijo. na račun ti bom dodala še $100 za lažji začetek. izpolni vse claim teme, potem pa vabljena k pisanju!

and we'll never be royals, royals,
it don't run in our blood.
that kind of luxe just ain't for us,
we crave a different kind of buzz.
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desrosiers, lucienne héloïse

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